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Note for users of Level2 GoldenGate acceptor plasmid pAGM4723

It has recently come to light that the original Level2, GoldenGate acceptor plasmid (pAGM4723) lacks a complete overdrive sequence at the right border. This can cause incomplete TDNA insertion events and can give a higher incidence of vector backbone transfer events due to transfer initiating at the left border. We are now very pleased to report that these errors have been corrected and the sequence of the corrected plasmid confirmed.  We are currently working through our set of other Level2 plasmids and will again inform everybody once these have been fixed and are ready for general distribution.

The fixed version of plasmid pAGM4723 is designated pICSL4723.  This fixed version will now replace the original pAGM4723, which will no longer be available/distributed.  You should discard your existing aliquots of pAGM4723. Please email Mark Youles directly if you would like to request an aliquot of this new fixed L2 acceptor plasmid (pICSL4723). Some of you may also have been using the level P vector pAGM4723-P1 for level P cloning (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22126803 ).  This vector has also been fixed and verified – the fixed vector is called pICSL4723-P1 and is also available.